Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Just Walking Around....

     One day I just decided to take a walk down to the old airport and on the tundra. (FYI there is an old airport and a new airport, obviously the old airport is no longer in use. Just a nice place to walk.) So I grabbed my roommates dog, popped my headphones in, and took a leisurely stroll, snaping a few photos along the way.

The Kilbuck Mountains off in the distance. They are about 60-70 miles away.

The village and the river.

 There is just some beautiful scenery out here. It is incredible!

One of the larger lake/ponds around the village.

     Sometimes I just like to get out and walk. It is so peaceful and serene on the Tundra. I especially like it when it is windy because the bugs won't bother you. I walk with a couple of the other teachers. Some of us got the Jawbone Up bands that track your movement. So we are always trying to get our steps in and meet our goals! Enjoy the scenery!

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