Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Arriving in Eek and Getting Settled...

     Everything looks so much different when you are up in the air. The scenery was amazing!

     After about a 20 minute plan ride we were landing in Eek. My new home from the sky and check out the plane we rode in!

     After more than a week of traveling, visiting family, training, and several plane rides I finally arrived in Eek. I was so excited to get there, see everything, and meet everyone. One of the other teachers (Caitlyn) came to the airport and picked us up with the four wheeler and trailer. We loaded all of our stuff up and headed to the teacher apartments. I learned village four wheeler riding etiquette on the way. If you sit directly behind someone of the opposite gender the people in the village will assume you are together. So you have to sit on the sides. I got to see some of the village as we drove back to the apartments. There is one main dirt rode that runs through the village, then there are boardwalks that serve as sidewalks and paths to drive on. The school is the biggest building in the village (it's red with a blue roof) and the teacher apartments are right behind the school.

This is the front of the school and the play deck.

Talk about a short commute! The grey building is the teacher apartments.

     After my roommate (Ashley) and I hauled all of our stuff up to our apartment we went for a walk with a few of the other teachers. We walked through the village and got to see some of the local sights. :) We walked down to the "Old Airport" where we had very nice views of the river, tundra, and the mountains way off in the distance.

Caitlyn, Ashley, Lynn, Me, and Misty (Ashley's dog)

     The first weekend I spent a lot of time getting settled in my apartment and getting my classroom together. I really like my apartment, it is pretty spacious. (I will try to post some pictures of my apartment.) The first weekend in Eek was quite exhausting, but when school started the next week I was settled and basically had everything ready to go. Thankfully I was pretty much adjusted to the time difference from being in Palm Springs, California for a few days. The daylight was the biggest thing to adjust to.
     I will be posting about my classroom soon and other experiences in Eek. Until next time.

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