Thursday, October 16, 2014

September New Teacher Inservice

     Part of our contracts as new teacher is that we have to go to Bethel one Saturday every month in September, October, and November. All of the new teacher fly in Friday night and go home Saturday evening. We had our first one about four weeks ago and we have another one this weekend.
     At the September inservice we talked about standards, content, planning, and we chose sessions to go to based on our content areas. I went to a Mathematics and a Science session. They were both really great and I learned a lot about what I can do with the online resources and how to structure my class. We also did some really fun activities, one being The Marshmallow Challenge. Click the link and check it out we all had a blast doing it. The inservice this weekend will be on CHAMPS. This is a classroom management program that is used in the district.

     I snapped some photos as we were heading home.

This was the biggest plane I had seen since I arrived in Bethel. It is called a caravan and it holds nine passengers plus luggage. It even had steps to get into it.

The Eek and Quinhagak gang! Getting ready for take off!

The Bethel tarmac and view of the airport from the air.

     We all had a pretty good time! I always enjoy getting to see all the other new teachers and catching up. More posts to come!

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