Monday, November 24, 2014

Spirit Week and Halloween!

     The student government puts on a Halloween Carnival every year and this year they decided to have a Spirit Week the week of Halloween. Monday was Carhartt day, Tuesday was twin day, Wednesday was wacky hair day, Thursday was school spirit day, and Friday was costume day. Then we had the Halloween Carnival Friday night. There were all kinds of games for the kids to play, including mini golf, and the high schoolers put on a haunted hallway. It was a fun and busy week. I don't have any Carhartts, so I didn't do anything special for Monday.

Lynn, Dirk, Caitlyn, and Kayla

Ashley and I. It was a little trickier for us because we have very different wardrobes. So we both wore our long qaspeqs, close enough!

I went with the "hair" bow for wacky hair day. We had some colored hair, spiked hair, and some messy hair. Pretty wacky!

Lynn's wacky hair. Also, we had to go through all the costumes and stuff for the Halloween carnival. We decided to have a little fun and try out some of the costumes.

The scary clown was a hit! 

Some crazy person (haha) running through the gym and the grim reaper.

Yeah, that's me!

     The first quarter ended the week before so we had our awards assembly on Thursday. Each teacher gives out awards for their classes. I had two highest grades awards, two most improved, and one citizenship award. We also did the drawing for the Cougars C.A.R.E. links and the bathroom passes. Their were also awards given for perfect attendance. It all went pretty well.

Friday was the best, costume day! Caitlyn, Kayla, Ashley, and I went as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Lynn went as Shredder. We made our shells out of cardboard and painted them. They ended up looking pretty cool.

I will admit the shell was a little difficult to sit in because it was so big.


We looked pretty awesome! Definitely a great choice for a group costume idea.

     We also had a staff vs students volleyball game which was a blast. The students won, but it was a pretty close game. There were also parent teacher conference on Thursday and Friday. It was a pretty crazy week, but all in all it was a lot of fun.

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