Friday, October 31, 2014

Goofin' Off With the Gang

     So all of us teachers started this "31 Days of Halloween" movie marathon for October. Well anyone that knows me knows that I HATE scary movies. Thankfully, my roommate doesn't like them either. So one weekend we decided we wanted to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I have it on my laptop and we didn't have a cord to hook it to the TV, so Ashley said let's go watch in your classroom. So we got some blankets, pillows, and snacks and went to my classroom. Hooked the computer up to the SmartBoard and tadah! Eek Theatre!

Ashley and Misty

                      Just hanging out, being a ninja...                    Couldn't forget the snacks!

     Then, on another weekend Ashley and I had a little adventure taking the trash to the dump. We load up all the trash in the trailer on the back of the four wheeler, drive it out to the dump, throw it on the pile, and there ya go. We had to make two trips because we had to take a load of cardboard too. They were burning the trash pile that day so we really had the fire going!

The dump...

View from the dump.

Misty running along with us!

     We just had ourselves a grand ole time! Never a dull moment here in Eek, you can always find something to do.

We also got our first little bit of snow a couple weekends ago! 

Going to get slushies from Mo Heakin's Movie Rentals: 
Best slushies on this side of the Eek River ;)

Me, Ashley, and Kayla

Yay snow! 

     All of us teachers have "Craft Night" on Saturdays. We do different things, this month we worked on our Halloween costumes. Sometimes we have sushi too, which usually ends up being a "who can put the most wasabi on their sushi" contest. I don't do the wasabi because I don't like hot foods. We have a good time none the less.

Sushi time!

Notice all the cardboard, we were using it to make our costumes.
(Which you will see later!)

     We try to have a good time and we succeed! We are always finding something to do and entertain ourselves. Until next time!

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