Friday, October 31, 2014

October New Teacher Inservice

     A couple weekends ago we had our second New Teacher Inservice in Bethel. Ashley and I actually got in to town on time, which was awesome because we got to visit more and had plenty of time to do some shopping. We all had a pretty good time at this one. We had dinner at the Swanson's grocery store and then we went to see a movie at the new theatre, also in the Swanson's grocery store. The store is brand new and the movie theatre is pretty nice! A bunch of us teachers went to see the Maze Runner. Our tickets cost $13, which wasn't that bad and the movie was really good. Another dystopian universe type movie, I would recommend seeing it if you like those kind of movies.

All the lakes and ponds are freezing over. 

The theatre entrance inside the grocery store. They have two theaters.

Maze Runner

I will have to say, the seats were pretty awesome!
You could rock in them or lay back a little if you wanted.

     For this inservice we talked all about CHAMPS, which is a classroom management system. The speaker basically told us all about the basics of CHAMPS and how we can start to implement and use it in our classrooms. CHAMPS is an acronym for : 
     C- Conversation
     H- Help
     A- Activities
     M- Movement
     P- Participation
     S- Success
It is a really cool management system where you go through basically anything you do; going to lunch, taking a test, doing classwork, small groups, individual work, etc. and you specify what students should be doing during those activities. What their conversation should be like, what to do if they need help, what the activity is, what kind of movement should be involved, who and how they should be participating, and how that all leads to success.

This is my buddy Kourtney. She teaches Middle School in Kwethluk.

I bought a pair of beaded earrings from the airport (someone was selling them there) and my friend Heather decided to photo bomb my picture.

The Eek and Quinhagak gangs waiting for take off!

See you in about three weeks Bethel!

     Finally got to head home to Eek. Bethel is fun, but there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed. We all had a great time as usual though and I always look forward to seeing all my new friends.

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