Monday, April 27, 2015

Musk Ox!

     So a little while back our principal went to another village to go musk ox hunting. Sure enough he got one and brought it back with him. It was a little excitement on our normally calm weekend. Musk ox is an arctic mammal that have a very thick coat and emit a strong odor during certain seasons. They are not an overly large animal, but they are pretty cool looking. They have a very soft undercoat that people use to make scarves, buffs, and other cold weather items. My roommate bought a musk ox scarf type thing and it is very soft and very warm.

I sent this picture to my mom and tried to tell her I got it, she didn't believe me...

Cutting up the meat. Brett was very generous and gave all of the teachers some of the meat, he even invited us over for musk ox burgers one night. They were DELICIOUS!

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